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The Fathering Circle Podcast

Welcome to The Fathering Circle Podcast, a podcast for parents, caregivers and people who believe that dads play an important role in the lives of children, families and communities. Subscribe to The Fathering Circle Podcast and start discovering all the amazing ways we can help fathers be their best.

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The Fathering Circle Podcast

Hosted on Anchor

  • TFC Pod is a weekly show created to help fathers and families. Through engaging and enlightening conversation led by host Eric Marsh, Sr., TFC Pod will examine issues of fatherhood, male socialization, and the impact of fathers on our society.  

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Coaching and Consulting Services


Eric Marsh, Sr. is an experienced facilitator, host and personal coach. With over 30+ years of parenting experience and 15+ years of coaching, mentoring and facilitating experience, Eric has been able to guide men and boys into deeper understandings of themselves, better more fulfilling careers and activities and more loving relationships with their families. If you'd like to schedule a coaching session contact him directly at

Parenting Tips

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This section will be linked to some of the latest and best parenting tips to help keep you informed and engaged with your children.

Support the Nonprofit

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The Fathering Circle is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports healthy fatherhood through monthly peer support circles, play dates with dads and their children and special lectures and presentations on parenting. If you'd like to support The Fathering Circle or learn more about what we do, send us an email.

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